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At the heart of research and analysis are data.  However, data must be gathered and assimilated in a proper manner and analyzed using reliable and relevant principles and methods in order to yield valid and meaningful insights.  Meister Economic Consulting's core strengths include data collection and statistical analysis.

Our consultants are exceptionally proficient with collecting data.  Our training and decades of experience have taught us the right questions to ask.  Our meticulous nature enables us to discover hard-to-find data pivotal for analysis and decision making.  For our projects in a wide range of settings and uses, we routinely need to gather data from from our clients while minimizing any burdens on them.  In many cases, our work necessitates collection of third-party government and private data, whether it be gathered online, in paper or books, or via direct communications.  We also have expertise with designing surveys to gather data, including through the use of statistically valid sampling plans.

Meister Economic Consulting uses a wide variety of statistical analysis in its consulting projects to provide insights about customers, sellers, geographic areas, events, and markets.  It provides descriptive statistics to summarize and detail data sets and inferential statistics to make inferences about a population based upon samples of data from that population.  We also use statistical analysis for forecasting purposes.

We have conducted statistical analysis to examine a variety of critical business. legal, and societal issues, including:

  • Consumer behavior

  • Business operations and planning

  • Damages in litigation matters

  • Health outcomes

  • Racial profiling by police

  • Discrimination and lost wages in employment matters

  • Randomness and probability of outcomes, including for casino game development

  • Skill vs. chance game assessments

  • Results of forensic testing

Our statistical work is grounded in sound theory and techniques.  We utilize a variety of widely-accepted and rigorous statistical analysis tools.  These tools also enable us to conduct sophisticated analyses of large data sets.

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